2017 Class Baskets

Here are the class basket themes for 2017

Teacher Theme
Haley Schlect STEM activities
Ellen Day Staycation
Mayumi Kearns Fitness Fun!
Seunghee Lee Cooking for kids
Bianca Perdiz Moana Movie Night
Fenerlis Jump
Alicia D’Abreu Trolls
Karen Thompson Girl Power! Super Hero Girls
Caroline Kupfer Pikachu & EX Swag
Caitlin Sawka Beanie Boo Basket
Rosanne Barbacano Pokemon
Ann Matthews Science Kit
Joshua Curhan Ice Cream
Katherine House Great Harvest Bread Company
Sean Avery Dave and Buster’s
Maureen Bennett Boston Sports teams
Jessica Durling Dance Party
Sean Curran Money tree
Lauren Archibald Lasor Craze
Julie Selhub LEGO city
Christopher Bruff Movie night
Suzanne Udell Emoji
Leonard Swanton Gift Cards
Matt Studley Photo Booth- camera, case and film
Neil Taylor Kindle e-reader and power adapter
Neal Waters Clarke Spirit Wear
Seth Golder Outdoor Fun!
Bowman PTA Bowman Swag


Emoji Craze img_2235 img_2234





Snow Globe Game


A quick and fun game. I used free printables to print off board games and cards, and made the game boards sturdier by pasting the copies to card board. (You can find the printables here: http://teachingheart.net/wintercottonballs.pdf
The only other supply needed is either little white pom pons or cotton balls to use for the snow balls.

Players take turns drawing cards with instructions for how many snow balls to take from the center pile and place on their cards. Some cards have students put some snowballs back! The first player to fill their game card with 8 snowballs is the winner.

Winter Party Ideas

Snow Globes
Students can create a winter wonderland scene to take home and display. Supplies needed: clear plastic plates, cotton balls, assorted foam shapes and stickers like trees, snowmen, snowflakes, black construction paper cut into snow globe base shape, 8.5 x 11 card stock, glue, glue sticks, pencils, and metallic pens.

1. Have students trace around the plate on their card stock.
2. Using gluestick, paste the snow globe base down under the circle.
3. Arrange shapes to creat winter scene.
4. Stretch the cotton balls out to make snow drifts at bottom of scene.
5. Have parent help apply glue (Alene’s tacky glue works best) around edges of plate and cover scene.
6. If desired, write a message on the base of the snow globe.
7. Let dry, placing a book on top of plate to help it stick well.

**Note: try to find plates that have a flat rim around the edge so that you have a good surface to apply glue.


Teacher Appreciation Idea – Water Color Canvas


 We made a watercolor canvas (24 x 36″) and presented it to our teacher on Thursday.  The kids were pulled from class in groups of 4 and used black Sharpie to write a thank you message and draw a picture.  After all the kids had written/illustrated, we had a small group come back out to paint using liquid watercolors.  After the piece dried, it was sprayed it with fixative so the colors wouldn’t fade.